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Meet Trina



Trina Celeste is a renowned figure in the realms of literature, public speaking, entrepreneurship, and business leadership. With her status as a best-selling author and award-winning speaker, she has captivated audiences worldwide. As CEO of RizeNext and Co-Founder of Tech-Moms, Trina channels her passion for business into tangible initiatives, crafting visionary pathways for success. 

Her illustrious career includes a notable tenure as President of Women@eBay, where she spearheaded diversity and inclusion efforts across the organization, overseeing 1500 members spanning 17 countries and 22 sites. Trina's exceptional contributions to eBay's Women in Technology garnered her the prestigious Women Tech Council Impact Award in 2015.

Trina's dedication to diversity and leadership excellence has earned her numerous accolades. She was a finalist for the Women Tech Council awards in 2017 and received recognition from the National Women in IT, New York awards for her leadership in the Rise Up program, honored as “Diversity Program of the Year” in 2020. Notably, Trina was selected as one of Utah Business Magazine’s “30 Women to Watch” in 2020 and received Utah's "40 over 40" award in 2023. With her unwavering commitment to empowering women and fostering diversity in the tech industry, Trina Celeste continues to inspire and lead by example.


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Media & Press


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Helping women transition into tech

Tech-Moms is dedicated to helping women transition into technical roles, and achieve long-term success in their careers.

They do this by offering part-time technical skills courses, professional networking, and a broad range of career exploration through guest speakers. Most importantly, Tech-Moms has built an incredible community of women who celebrate and support each other throughout their career.

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