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In the groundbreaking book "Orchestrating Life-First-Work Harmony." the author takes us on an enlightening and captivating journey that challenges our conventional notions of balance. With a unique perspective likening life to a garden, the author uses their deep experience and personal history to inspire us to protect and nurture ourselves by shifting our mindset and setting a clear vision and purpose.

Drawing upon personal stories and experiences, the author reveals the importance of erecting fences to keep out the goats that consume our time and energy, while inviting in the gardeners that help us bloom. They unveil a comprehensive model for life-work harmony, focusing on four vital areas: relationships, finances, career & community, and personal development.


Moreover, for those facing the challenges of sexism, racism, and intolerance, the author empowers us to use our voices as pest control, effectively combating these barriers to our well-being and success. Through their practical and empowering guidance, we discover a simple yet transformative approach to daily life, enabling us to identify areas where we are out of harmony and providing us with the tools to reset and refocus on what truly matters—ourselves.

Orchestrating Life-First-Work Harmony is not just another self-help book; it's a powerful manifesto for reclaiming control over our lives and finding fulfillment. By embracing the life-work harmony model, readers will gain the confidence and clarity to prioritize their well-being, overcome obstacles, and thrive in all aspects of life. Prepare to embark on a life-changing journey that will inspire millions to shift their mindset, unlock their true potential, and place their life first in the pursuit of lasting harmony.



Life-Work Harmony is an essential book, one that had to be written. Writing with great honesty and from painful experience, Trina Celeste shows exactly why our scientific approach to time management, repackaged as “work-life balance,” no longer serves us. Our carefully-composed to-do lists give us no time to hear the whispers that let us know what actually matters in our lives. Trina demonstrates how, by ripping off the balance band-aid and seeking harmony instead, we can regain momentum and be present for joy in our life.

Sally Helgesen, author, How Women Rise, Rising Together, The Female Advantage


"I am absolutely blown away by 'Balance is Goatsh*t! Plut Your Life First and Orchestrate Life-Work Harmony.' This book delves deep into the very heart of the topic, leaving no stone unturned. As someone who has felt lost, depleted, and exhausted, I found solace and inspiration within its pages. The author's voice is captivating, and their relatable stories exude strength and wisdom. They share their own valuable lessons and guide us through the all-too-familiar journey of seeking balance amidst life's complexities. Reading this book has reignited my hope, reminding me that I can indeed find harmony once again. I believe this incredible work has the power to touch millions of lives and become a transformative guide for anyone seeking to prioritize their well-being and orchestrate a fulfilling life-work balance." -- Tessa White, Author, The Unspoken Truths for Career Success

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