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Being centered in yourself, is not being self-centered.

As I have transitioned hundreds of women in their careers and complete life transformations, there is one thing that is required FIRST, before all else -- CENTER YOUR LIFE ON YOU FIRST. Centering your life on you first, is not being self-centered. The common, and socialized myth, that we feel we should serve and put others before our own personal vision, purpose, and needs throws us into feeling unfilled, anxious, distressed, stressed, and ultimately BURNED OUT.

The Life-First Model for Courageous Living

When working with individuals, the first thing I will ask is, "What is your life's vision?"

The answers vary but in summary end up typically in 2 buckets of reciprocated questions, 1. What is a life vision?

2. What what? I am supposed to a vision for my life?

What I identify most frequently, especially in women, is that we have lost ourself in the sacrifice to everyone else's vision. Individuals feel they are existing merely to support everyone else in accomplishing their dreams, their wants, and how they are helping others succeed in their aspirations. Rarely do I hear clarity in their own personal aspirations and dreams.

The first step to any life transformation is to get clear on what you envision for your life. What do you want to look back and have said about you? How much money do you independently want to make? What hobbies will you have? What will you look like and feel, will you be healthy? How will you achieve these ambitions? And how will it feel when you do?

What is your purpose?

When asking, "What is your purpose?" specifically to women, the top answer is "to be a great mom."

My response, "Parenting is not your purpose." Parenting is a role, a wonderful and meaningful role that contributes to your overall well-being. However, parenting is not your life's purpose. Lots of people are parents and we should strive to enable and develop our families -- but focusing solely on family will leave you not centered, feeling depleted, and unfulfilled. I know this is not the popular answer, but needs to be said because within each one of you is a broader purpose. I have coached women who had felt lost once their children were raised, and face the realization they have no idea who they are or what to do. Now that they are no longer focusing on someone else, they are in crisis and feel fear, anxiety, and depression as they grapple to find their identity. They are saddened by the fact that they had lost so many years in their own development.

Each of us have a unique gift that can benefit the world, our personal super power. Yet, it often gets buried in distractions and other peoples priorities.

I shared this when speaking at an event a few years ago, and I had so many minds open coming to share all their buried powers ready to be unleashed on the world. One woman said, "I am so grateful, I now know my purpose and am going to go live it!" I asked what her purpose was and she said, "Quilting!" Oh wow, I would never have guessed this in a million years. She was now going to start a business that catered to the craft of quilting.

That is what is so amazing, we each have unique gifts that only we know what brings us energy, makes us excited, and can push us to our next step. It is bigger than our role in our relationships - spouse, friend, mother, sister, brother... remember, these roles not your life purpose.

Take time to REFLECT and TUNE IN

  • What is the vision you have for your life?

  • What is the purpose for your life?

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