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Orchestrating Life-Work Harmony

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

"Orchestrating Life-Work Harmony: A Life-First Model for Courageous Living" invites you to step onto the center stage of your life's garden and embark on a delightful journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. This empowering guide is your companion in blooming all areas of your life, learning to set clear fence lines to keep out the goats that consume your time and energy, and welcoming the nurturing gardeners that help you bloom.

Inviting in gardeners that bloom, & keeping out goats that consume.

With a touch of humor, relatable stories, and an inquisitive approach, this book empowers individuals seeking solace in integrating life and work.

Each chapter develops the Life-Work Harmony model, a 30-day a transformative process that combines self-reflection, actionable steps, and engaging anecdotes to create a framework for vibrant harmony.

A Life-First Model to Courageous Living

Through each chapter you'll embark on a journey of self-reflection and personal growth, unearthing your core values, passions, and priorities. Discover practical strategies for nurturing relationships, achieving financial wellness, fostering career and community growth, and personal success. Gain inspiration from the stories of individuals who have overcome profound challenges, such as cancer, divorce, homelessness, domestic violence, and sexism, to become the masters of their own lives.

With a poignant yet encouraging call to action, this book provides specific steps to help you find your vision and purpose and put it into action. You'll learn effective time management techniques and how to navigate the challenges of modern life with grace and humor. Say goodbye to doubt, fear, shame, and guilt as you embrace memorable actions such as Pluck It! Chuck It! Flip It! Or Use It! to fuel your future growth.

Pulling the Weeds of Fear, Doubt, Shame, & Guilt

This book delves into the crucial importance of mental health and wellness, highlighting the impact of inner demons and the necessity of nurturing the fertile soil of mental well-being. By creating awareness around this vital aspect, you'll understand that true growth and fulfillment require tending to your mental health.

You can't grow anything worthwhile in life without nurturing the soil of mental health.

Get ready to bloom as you embark on this joyous adventure together. It's time to nurture your dreams, tend to your well-being, and find the motivation to fuel your personal growth. Prepare to experience the transformative power of orchestrating life-work harmony and unlock your true potential.

Put your life first and practice life-work harmony.

"Orchestrating Life-Work Harmony" is more than just a book—join a thriving, supportive community of individuals on a shared quest for harmony and fulfillment. Join this uplifting movement at and cultivate your garden of tranquility, where work and personal aspirations can flourish side by side.

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Get ready to bloom!


Trina Celeste


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